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Welcome to kiekie:kit

First of all, welcome to my bag site! My name is Schantel van der Merwe, and I live in Johannesburg South Africa. I've been married for 9 years, have a beautiful daughter and expecting a second child. And I've been a professional lifestyle photographer for over 8 years.

Since I started shooting I’ve imagined the perfect bag that would carry all the necessities a photographer would want. Imagine my excitement when I discovered Kelly Moore, Epiphanie, JoTotes and many other stylish camera bags. I immediately ordered myself a Kelly Moore bag from the U.S nd fell in love. Unfortunately the ordering process was a long and expensive process, so I decided to import these awesome bags and make it more accessible to the South African photography market.

I want to encourage the photographers out there and give them more variety than what the South African market has to offer. With the Kelly Moore, JoTotes, Epiphanie & Ideer bags photographers have the opportunity where they can change a lens at a moment's notice without feeling the pressure of having the client wait. Trust me...I've been there. With more options you have more freedom and with more freedom you have more time to focus on your photography.

I also started exploring with accessories such as camera straps, leashes and other exciting photography items. Anything to make a photographer look and feel professional and make photographing as comfortable as possible.

I hope you enjoy the products that we have to offer and that they really make your job more fun!

kiekie:kit - Stylish Photography Gear

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